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Updated March 2016

AJ Hunters (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Since we started our operation, AJ Hunters has rapidly made a name in the kingdom's executive searh industry; relying mainly on its quality search process, speed of service, highly reliable Search Consultants, and huge pool of candidates. AJ Hunters dedicates its time and efforts in satisfying every client with a quality service, thus it is the firm's main priority to deliver the most suitable and qualified candidates to match every executive that the client needs.

With AJ Hunters, it is always an assurance that EXECUTIVES are at your FINGERTIPS!

The Coming Knowledge Drain

Imagine having to deal with this nightmare scenario: One-fifth of the executives, managers and workers with critical skills that your company needs to survive have walked out the door. read more

Managing People for Performance

Managers who have had any form of training will be familiar with the idea of setting goals or objectives, and probably with the principles of appraising performance. With this in mind, why is it so many managers keep asking about how to motivate their staff or how to get more from them? read more

Use of Job Simulations Rising Steadily

Most job candidates can talk a good game when it comes to interviews, and it’s become difficult to verify someone’s past job performance because of a growing fear of lawsuits. That’s causing more hiring managers to use simulations, where candidates take part in activities that simulate the experience of the job for which they are applying. The data gives a realistic preview of what an applicant will be like on the job and separates those that interview well from those that interview and perform well. read more

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